Monday, January 10, 2011

Ratfist - Webcomic by Doug TenNapel

Ratfist Webcomic Doug TenNapel
Ratfist by Doug TenNapel
Ratfist officially launches today...woot!

Doug TenNapel, creator of  Earthworm Jim, Catscratch, The Neverhood, Ghostopolis, and Creature Tech is a guy that is really freaking tall.

TenNapel's style is reminiscent of the Spaceman Spiff stories within the Calvin and Hobbes universe, but with a little more grit. I love his off-the-wall characters and witty dialogue. What really shines are his original off-beat concepts, paired with loose masterful brushwork.

Something New, Something Old
Ratfist will be his first webcomic. I guess afterwards he will return to his traditional Japanese Sumi paintbrush methods as opposed to the digital drawing process he used in some of his previous graphic novels.
meat donut
Why did they ruin this masterpiece
with tomatoes?!

For me, Doug's stories are like a meat filled doughnut, tasty sugary goodness on  the outside yet centered with meaty meaning and substance.

Some of Doug's other work:
ratfist doug tennapel creature techratfist doug tennapel creature tech

Rat Testicles, Commentary:
I have heard that Doug produces his work very quickly, it must be true because in under a minute he replied to my comment about rat testicles:

Jacobromeo had this to say about Doug's work:

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