Friday, August 27, 2010

Autographed Robot Chicken Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor

Bragging Rights
Autographed Eternian Dentist Set and Color Changing Orko with Prince Adam.

While navigating my way through the craziness that is Comic Con, I had one of those right-place right-moment situations.

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich (Robot Chicken creators) were signing autographs and they agreed to sign this awesome Eternian Dentist set.

Seth even included some speech bubbles, quoting the episode.

Close up images of the autographs:
seth green autograph matthew senreich MOTU robot chicken molarr

Autographed by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

The infamous episode:

Toy Review:
Besides a missing tooth, Skeletor's face also has a grimace.
san diego comic con mattel skeletor robot chicken
Exclusive Missing Tooth Skeletor

Similar to their standard (non Robot Chicken MOTU figures), Mattel has images of the other He-Man toys on the back of the packaging. Except, in this set the figures are based off the Robot Chicken sketch.
The image of Grizzlor is hilarious, poor guy!
robot chicken grizzlor molarr episode
Robot Chicken - Grizzlor

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Futurama Delivery-Boy Man Comic

Delivery-Boy Man Futurama Comic San Diego Comic Con Delivery-Boy Man, written by Philip J. Fry.
This Special Edition Futurama Comic and iTunes card were handed out at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

My favorite bonus features are the center-fold poster and letters to the editor section entitled: "Messages for the Messenger."

Delivery-Boy Man Futurama Poster.Delivery Boy Man Futurama Comic
Philip J. Fry, Delivery-Boy Man:

"Delivering the Goods .... Returning the Bads!"

Characters include:

- Sergio Aragones' Moustache
- Leelis Lane (Leela)
- Boxer the Robot (Bender) "Bite my shiny metal box!"
- Invader X

This comic is based off a hilarious episode of Futurama entitled, "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences," (a must see if you've ever been to the San Diego Comic Con).

In this episode, an alien named Lrrr attempts to conquer Earth but finds himself in the middle of the Comic Con 3010 costume contest aka the Masquerade. A sub-plot involves Fry's hopes to impress his friends by creating his own comic book that features himself as a muscular super hero called "Delivery Boy Man." Fry visits the booth of Sergio Aragones' head where a sign hangs above the booth reading, "Last Actual Comic Booth."

When I was handed a copy of Delivery-Boy Man at the real San Diego Comic Con, I didn't realize that it was for an episode of Futurama that had yet to air. It was awesome when I finally saw the episode having already learned some details from the funny sub-plot.

Fry revises his comic multiple times in the Futurama episode, so you have to have a copy of the SDCC Delivery-Boy Man to know Fry's finalized story.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Color Changing Orko Exclusive


Orko, the powerful mage of Trolla who watches over and guides Prince Adam.

Apparently, Orko is not just some screw-up miscreant. The Bio on the back of this exclusive reveals some interesting facts about the Trollan. For example, on his home world Orko was very powerful but some hidden mystic properties of Eternia turned his magiks into little more than entertaining tricks.

    Comic Con Version:
  • Orko color-changes to clear.
  • His magic book features a color-change sticker that reveals the SDCC logo.
  • Fully-articulated Prince Adam with both angry and smirk heads, a light purple Power Sword, and a Half Power Sword in light purple.

The basic concept of the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Orko, is that this Orko can magically disappear. In other words by dipping the figure in warm water he becomes translucent and clear.  The color change feature on this figure actually works really well, even just holding this exclusive Orko in your hand you will notice the color starting to shift. Orko's Spell book which also has a color changing feature is also really well done.

This toy reminds me of an episode of the old MOTU series entitled "Disappearing Act - in which Orko accidentally makes Prince Adam's sword disappear while trying to tidy up his messy bedroom. In this episode Orko tells Man at Arms, "Where I come from we never hada clean our rooms."

Masters of the Universe Episode - Disappearing Act