Friday, August 27, 2010

Autographed Robot Chicken Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor

Bragging Rights
Autographed Eternian Dentist Set and Color Changing Orko with Prince Adam.

While navigating my way through the craziness that is Comic Con, I had one of those right-place right-moment situations.

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich (Robot Chicken creators) were signing autographs and they agreed to sign this awesome Eternian Dentist set.

Seth even included some speech bubbles, quoting the episode.

Close up images of the autographs:
seth green autograph matthew senreich MOTU robot chicken molarr

Autographed by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

The infamous episode:

Toy Review:
Besides a missing tooth, Skeletor's face also has a grimace.
san diego comic con mattel skeletor robot chicken
Exclusive Missing Tooth Skeletor

Similar to their standard (non Robot Chicken MOTU figures), Mattel has images of the other He-Man toys on the back of the packaging. Except, in this set the figures are based off the Robot Chicken sketch.
The image of Grizzlor is hilarious, poor guy!
robot chicken grizzlor molarr episode
Robot Chicken - Grizzlor

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