Friday, February 22, 2013

Trolling Yahoo Answers

Funny Answers
I waste time writing bizarre and off-the-wall responses to the questions on Yahoo Answers. Here are some of my favorites from the past. The best is when they are voted best answer.

Ideas for funny and useless superpowers? We're making a parody in a media class where we have a league of superheroes with extremely useless powers.

Idea for you:
You only have to pee once a year, but your entire body becomes like a water balloon slowly filling up with liquid until that day when you finally release your pee.

Oh and when you do, it's like a freakn' tsunami.

In the sequel, the government wants to use your pee as a weapon and they try and lock you up for their own purposes. But then you take this pill that makes your pee turn into sweet bubble gum juice and you shower a small island nation on the brink of poverty with your pee.

Of course they start making effigies as if you were a minor god, but that catches the attention of a hidden race of super beings that live in the subways of Moscow.

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