Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive : Indiana Jones Lost Wave

Lost Wave : 6 Figure Indy Set
Raiders of the Lost Ark

WOW, I can't believe Hasbro is finally releasing this box set.
This collector pack will include the wave of figures that never made retail:
  • Toht – interchangeable melting face and branded hand
  • Marion Ravenwood – snakes
  • Satipo – snap-on tarantulas (best accessory ever! lol)
  • German Mechanic
  • Indy in German disguise – bazooka
  • Indy – brand new head sculpt

Check out these awesome photos by commercial photographer: Stephen G. Hayford.

Visit his portfolio to see more of his work.

© Stephen Hayford
© Stephen Hayford
© Stephen Hayford
© Stephen Hayford
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