Monday, June 27, 2011

Nuns on the Run - Board Game Review

In a Nutshell:  
Nuns on the Run is a humorous bluffing game, similar to  Scotland Yard but in the reverse. This game has a catchy title and fun concept, however it is a game that is essentially executed in your head.

I’d like to consider an alternative mechanic that might add interest to the game…my revised version would be called “Nuns with the Runs.”

You choose between playing a nun or a novice (a nun in training). When you make moves on the game board you don’t actually move your game token if you are a novice. In your mind you select a place that you are “placing” your token. Next, the nun says is there anyone I can hear near me. Honestly this is like playing DND without ever getting to put your miniature on the dungeon map, lame.

The fun part are the many clever and amusing details. The novices sneak around the abbey trying to collect their secret wish, which could be a book of dark magic or forbidden cookies. Its fun to watch the frustration on the face of the person(s) playing the Nuns and the nervousness of the novice players trying to sneak around.

Take Away: 
The only proper way to play this game is if you sing:
“Nuns on the Run” to tune of “Band on the Run” by Wings.

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