Monday, July 26, 2010

Eternia Pine - Moss Man Deodorant

moss man eternia pine deodorant Moss Man Eternia Pine
One of my biggest fears at Comic Con is getting trapped in line next to someone stinky.

It ain't easy getting those exclusives. One must battle their way through seas of people and no matter how high they crank up that AC, all those nerds in there can't help but sweat over all the rad merchandise and scantily clad cosplay girls.

Luckily this year Mattel brought some relief with their exclusive Masters of the Universe Promo: Eternia Pine. However, as with most things nerdy, these pine-fresh sticks will probably never be cracked open but instead sit proudly on collectors shelves.

(credits: Old Moss image was posted by Poe Ghostal on message board)

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