Friday, July 9, 2010

Kool-Aid, part II

Pink Swimmingo

Kool Aid Swimmingo
This post is a follow up to a previous entitled "Kool-Aid", where I share some facts about the various Kool-Aid mascots. You can view the previous post here.

OK, so by now you know I love me some Kool-Aid, but even I have to admit there is something not right with Pink Swimmingo.

As a child something inside told me this guy was a weirdo. Maybe it was 'cause I was such a huge Sharkleberry fan and this Pink Flammingo seemed like he was crouchn' in on Sharkleberry's territory.To be honest I've always felt kinda cheated that this flavor is basically pink lemonade. What exactly is pink lemonade?

Upon closer inspection of the packet I noticed something suspicious: a whistle and . . . toenails?!?!?
Swimmingo, you sicko!

Just for the record I have to show 
that normal flamingos do not have 
disgusting engorged toenails.

Look, I know Kool-aid's mantra is Wacky Wild Kool-Aid Style; but this guy seems pervy to me. On what basis should he have such creepy feet?
If Kool-Aid is about being krazy and no adults, then what is Swimmingo doing with that whistle? What is he trying?

The only people I know with whistles are yard-duties, cops, referees, and life-guards (adults who regulate fun).


There he is up in that tree, voyeristic as ever.
Like I said, creepy.

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