Thursday, July 8, 2010


Allow me to reflect on something truly dear to my heart:
Kool-Aid, that friendly giant pitcher of punch who is constantly bustn' through walls and messn' stuff up.

(golden nectar?)

This 1970's Kool-Aid video leaves me asking one question, whose going to pay for that hole?

OK this one is undoubtedly weird, but it's Kool-Aid and I want some!

One of things that made Kool-aid so great were his many awesome side-kick mascots.

1. Sharkleberry Fin - a freakn' pink shark with cool sunglasses! That shark is sweet and it should be noted that the Kool-aid man is riding on his back!

2. Purplesaurus Rex - the OG of purple dinosaurs, Kool-aid man traveled back in time to find him!

3.Incrediberry - if you like red, this flavor is for you! Check out Kool-aid man's outfit, pure radness.

4. Great Bluedini - oh man, just lookn' at that magical blue octopus makes me salivate. This guy doesn't need "cool-glasses" to perform his tricks.

5. Pink Swimmingo - Hmm? Is that guy suppose to be a life-guard?

6. Rock-A-Dile Red - Wait, another reptile? I'm noticing that 3 of 6 of the mascots could be considered viscious.

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