Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lots-O'-Huggin Bear

Check out these videos released by Disney /Pixar to promote their Toy Story 3 movie.

I love the Japanese video, where the rabbit and Big Baby bow to Lotso!

Mattel is also releasing a special Exclusive Lotso
available only from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

You can purchase this
exclusive Lotso in my store!

The Comic-Con Lotso figure is a 3-3/4" reproduction of the Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear character in Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3 movie.
It's flocked and strawberry scented just like the original Collectible diorama packaging features foil-stamping and original concept sketches from the film.

Toy Review:
Lotso is part of a series of adult collection figures released by Mattel. The packaging is in the same style as the other figures - a window box with a foil name plate and concept art sketches of the figure on the back.
All of the figures are 3-3/4 inch, however Lotso does stand much taller than the others since he is essentially a large stuffed bear as opposed to a smaller action figure like Buzz Lightyear.

One of the best things about this collector's Lotso is that it is flocked vinyl, so it looks and feels soft but is actually hard and poseable like an action figure. The sculptors also did a great job capturing his "friendly-evil" facial expression seen in the movie.

Actually, I lied. It does have a great look and feel, but the best thing about this figure is that it smells delicious! Strawberry Cereal...nom nom.

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